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So has everyone else we work with! The failure stops with us because our programs are not like the “cookie cutter approach” gimmicks you’ve tried before.  Our customized program takes the latest medical research on weight loss and packages it into a low stress and easy to implement program offering accountability, support, affordability and most importantly, long term health & success. Research shows that being overweight or obese is a symptom of inadequate health. In order to lose weight permanently, one must FIRST GET HEALTHY! Many fad diets will “work” short term. Unfortunately, down the road they will quickly destroy a person’s metabolism and result in additional weight gain because they actually decrease a person’s health, not improve it.

Our program targets specific imbalances in your body that can hold you back from obtaining true health and the vibrant life you deserve. Because each person’s imbalance is different, so are our programs. We will lay out an eating and exercising program that is designed just for you!  Most importantly, we will hold your hand as you transform from the unmotivated, exhausted, moody and overweight person you have become to the excited, energetic, happy, healthier and thinner person you’ve always dreamed of. 

We are excited about the possibility of working with you! We would feel blessed to have the opportunity to assist you in changing your health and your life forever! We feel a calling from the Lord to do what we do and therefore take the opportunity to serve you very seriously.  Please call today and stop putting off the life that you and your family deserve!  God Bless.
Dr. Shirley
Dr. Joe
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Thank you for visiting our website!  You are only one decision away from a brand new life! Whether you are in pain, exhausted, unmotivated or overweight, the only thing keeping you from your new life is the decision to make a change!

For over a decade, we have been the premier wellness center for handling pain, and now, your waistline too!    In addition to our award winning chiropractic and pain management techniques, we have helped thousands of people drastically change their lives with our nutritional services and Weight Loss/Health Management Programs.

We would be honored to take your hand and lead you down the path to improved health, energy and motivation, a healthier self image, decreased pain and weight loss.

Hesitant Because You’ve Failed at the Weight Loss Game Before? 
Drs. Joe & Shirley with Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser while attending a Jillian Michaels wellness seminar.
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